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SPACE to Renew YOU

  Wellness Immersion


Dates TBD

Due to recent events involving international travel, we have opted to postpone this event until such time as we can safely accommodate our guests. In the interim, please follow along for updates on both our current and future immersions/events. PLEASE reach out with any inquiries or questions not answered on our page(s), or just to catch up! Thank you, and PURA VIDA!

-Landon T. Clack

Chief Operations Officer

7 Expertly Crafted Days of Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Space

    This is for ​You​ if… 

​ – You have seen numerous successes, yet somehow find yourself melancholy much of the time

 ✓ – You “handle” stress well and are weirdly proud of that

 ​ – You know that your answers are within you, but have a difficulty finding the time to ‘hear’ yourself clearly

 ✓​ – You know that Less Stress equals More Health and Happy Life

– You are seeking clarity & compassion while healing, but you’re not sure you want to share anything at all

​ – You are open minded to scientifically supported holistic wellness practices that may
be different from what you’ve previously experienced

✓​ – You are committed to overcoming anything in your way by gaining and utilizing new tools to overcome fear
and master your body chemistry

​ – You are ready to commit fully to exploring truth in your life and authenticity in your decisions in the safety
of optimal environment

​ -You are ready to experience complete healing

Do you seem to “have it all” but continue to lack true fulfillment?

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SPACE TO RENEW YOU - Wellness Immersion

Dates TBD / Costa Rica

Here’s the Thing:


You can feel truly Well.

You deserve to feel healthy, fulfilled, and at peace. These aren’t unreasonable expectations, but the commitment to the dream required a huge spend of the illusion of time and a complete willingness to surrender to unhindered and expertly guided exploration of your inner space. Your ideal self is already existing within you. 


We provide a stress-free tip to toe agenda for optimal provision of Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Space for this small moment in time.

This small moment to find forever keys for healing and health is yours

to have now.YOU deserve Space to Sit & Discover Your Optimal Internal Path To Ideal Self.

I’m ready to immerse in an Optimal Environment for Deep Healing

that can only come from Me. 

I’m ready to allow full development of my own virtue, mindfulness, and wisdom.

Ideal Environment, Education, and Experience Await... Where You At?


Past Retreats

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6 June, 2019

Hona Wellness, Costa Rica

22 September, 2019

Casa Nautika, Costa Rica

October 2019

Casa Nautika, Costa Rica

Core Beliefs


Connection to nature is evident yet it's difficult to say how nature impresses us and calls us to spend time. Truly we are a part of nature just as the nature

we admire, When we are disconnected from nature, we are disconnected from ourselves. 


We provide coordinated and carefully selected experiences to provide space for emotional processing, expansion

and stability.


Humans learn primarily from one another. Optimizing learning environments with applicable information allows for exponential mental growth. Facilitating this growth is our

collective specialty.


We know that stress is of the core of many of our health complaints (physical & mental). We also know how to guide you to the
space pf healing. Individualizing path of healing allows you to

enter a space of enhanced wellness and quality of life so long as you chose.

"Matter Tells Space How to Curve, Space Tells Matter How to Move" - Einstein

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