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Due to recent events involving international travel, we have opted to postpone this event until such time as we can safely accommodate our guests. In the interim, please follow along for updates on both our current and future immersions/events. PLEASE reach out with any inquiries or questions not answered on our page(s), or just to catch up! Thank you, and PURA VIDA!

-Landon T. Clack

Chief Operations Officer

Dates TBD




SPACE to Renew YOU / Wellness Immersion

Dates TBD / Costa Rica

At the completion of this program you will have all of the skills needed to guide yourself through lifestyle choices that support the creation of both the internal and external environment you’ve been dreaming of.

Our program of Space Creation guides you gently while allowing you to fully practice and apply your individual visions from within. 


Young, Wild & Free / 7 Day Joyful Space Immersion

6 - 12 December 2020 / Costa Rica / 1888 USD pp

You are not old and never will be. Time is an illusion and oppression leads to stress and early death. Fuck that Noise. Join us for the most fun in healing you could imagine complete with live concerts, white water rafting, laughing yoga, fire throwing and more. Looking for time in nature, new experiences, and personal space for growth into a life of more enjoyment every day?

You found us. Running around in the Jungle Staying Young and Wild and Free!

More info to be released soon...

Counter Convention / 7 Day Holistic Health Immersion

                     Dates TBD / Costa Rica

Curious about this “I’m a whole person” stuff in the wellness realm and what it means for you… There is so much beneficial knowledge collected in the unique regional energetic space of Costa Rica. We invite you to explore traditional medicines and ways of life while guided by the modern science of natural regenerative medicine to functionally apply new-found healing modalities for yourself and your family. Becoming more well-rounded has always been important for you... this is as well-rounded as it gets! :)

Join us in the jungle; meet your whole self there.

More info to be released soon...

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