Space To Renew You

Wellness Immersion

Do you seem to “have it all” but continue to lack true fulfillment?

Is your overall enjoyment of life hindered in any way by your physical health or mental state?

Are you practicing many health-conscious behaviors and not really feeling they are really “worth it”?

Have you been settling for what you think you can have instead of what is missing?

Do you feel a tad guilty for wanting more, but are sure you deserve More?

A message from our founders...

Hey Y'all! Not too long ago I was living on and in trauma daily with no recognition

of the effects it was having on my quality of life & overall health. My annual lab work was always awful,

my cortisol levels were erratic, I’d always worked hard to be healthy & consistently felt like a failure due

to some genetic curse. 


My mission as a firefighter/paramedic was saving others while my trauma responses grew silently stronger. During my near 8 years of service, I saw my share of harsh realities. Realities I told myself were simply

my job to ‘handle’ and ‘accept’.


More pressure on myself to cope of course led to more coping behaviors. A few more beers…


I’m truly grateful for every moment I have had the honor of serving in any capacity.


That said, seeing the lack of respect for life all around me in so many subtle ways made my life purpose

feel absurd and I began to know that it was only a matter of time before something awful happened to

my beautiful family. I avoided it as much as I could and ignored that my soul felt heavy between

the shimmers of light.


Then Something Happened. 


After 3 years of steady grinding (with 3 kids mind you), my wife and I took 4 days off and went

to Costa Rica for some Pura Vida.


I found Space. First a little, then a little more. I began to seek out and take space for REAL experiences with others (emotional), REAL encounters with nature (spiritual), and REAL truth from Experts in their Fields (mental). 


My whole life aligned. Each day there was more truth and more joy; all due to the SPACE WITHOUT A NAME which resides within each of us… waiting to be developed into our ideal life; to ease our struggles.

       I took myself through a process of:

  • Learning about how my hormones effect my mood, decisions, and health

  • Altering food patterns to support natural metabolism and body repair

  • Understanding how to maximize the positive input from my environment

  • Shedding what the ideal of ‘health’ should be in exchange for Real Wellness 

  • Confronting hard truths about my choices and Turning toward courage through Love

  • Being Real about what matters and WHAT DOESN’T

  • Unapologetically Taking Up SPACE 

  • Allowing Peace to BE within Me

Now, I feel humbled and excited to offer the tools that have allowed me to feel alive. 

I feel immense purpose in being the ‘strong accepting open arms’ along this journey through the traumas

of life into the blissful realization of eternal love. This Immersion is designed to allow your soul space

to wonder within its world… discovering the path best suited for its unique structure. I honor you.

I’m here to offer you community in truth and wellness.

To learn more about our founders, click here

         When you sign up:

  • Email Confirmation and Welcome

  • Welcome Phone Call from your guide within 48 Hours 

  • 7-day all-inclusive immersion

  • 6 nights shared accommodation

  • Upgrades available

  • Organic Chef-Prepared Health Conscious Meals

  • Guided EspacioSinNombre Bound Journal 

  • ESN Attendees only FB group to stay connected in wellness community

  • Does Not Include personal spending on excursions (bring $ for the Feria)

  • Because additional, personal support from The Expert ensures greater success we offer;
       Available bonus- texting support with Landon for the 14 days leading up to your immersion

You will learn how to take SPACE and discover YOU.


Due to recent events involving international travel, we have opted to postpone this event until such time as we can safely accommodate our guests. In the interim, please follow along for updates on both our current and future immersions/events. PLEASE reach out with any inquiries or questions not answered on our page(s), or just to catch up! Thank you, and PURA VIDA!

-Landon T. Clack

Chief Operations Officer

“Find a place inside where there is Joy & the Joy will Burn Out the Pain.” – Joseph Campbell

Immersion Outline:

DAY ONE: Arrive and Incorporate your Spirit into two of Costa Rica’s environments. First thing’s first; time at

the beach reveling in natural beauty before finding more of it at our secluded retreat location. Here you will meet your experts and learn the language of acceptance and healing that we will honor through

this sacred time together. Plus Smoothies on Arrival (because yes). 

You’ll feel deeply connected, safe, and in awe of your environment.


DAY TWO: Start your day with natural guided movement, followed by our official beginnings with intention setting and a gentle hike to a private waterfall. We will share our experiences in semi-structured group discussions, followed by the awe-inspiring experience of an pre-dinner pool side fire throwing display

honoring the strength of light in any darkness.  


You’ll experience natural beauty and human resilience at the purest level.


DAY THREE: We will honor our temples. Our body allows our spirit to carry purpose here and we will honor

our place in this awesome reality by scaling the Diamante Waterfall and enjoying the knowledge gained from expert guides along the way. This will leave your spirit buzzing and your body alive, but relieved to be back

for an open-hearted submission to living and learning. 


You will feel awesome peaceful power & gain new respect for the wholeness in life around you & within you.


DAY FOUR: Today you will enjoy the friendly faces and fresh creations of locals at the Bahia Feria (Market) before heading to a sandy spot on the beautiful National Park Marina Ballena Playa where you will have

SPACE for your body to explore, mind to wonder, and emotions to spill over into the ocean. 


You will find Community and Space.

DAY FIVE: Where is your food from and why do you care? Today we will tour a beautiful organic food project and enjoy lunch on the premises before entering an afternoon of education on breath, breathing,

and emotional release led by an expert in body cultivation.


You will See Yourself in the Bigger Beautiful Picture


DAY SIX: Today we will utilize healing sounds (vibrations) to allow your mind’s eye clarity. Beginning with

a Healing Sound Journey, and then guided meditations and semi-structured space to allow visualizations through the day. This is Solidified and by a Sacred Cacao Ceremony used to incorporate

your experiences into meaningful change. 


You Will Gain Clarity of Purpose and Path.


DAY SEVEN: YOU ARRIVE to this day with new experiences, new knowledge, and a new perception.

As you prepare to travel home, your guides reassure and support your transition,

not back to where you’ve been, instead off toward your unique vision of optimal reality. 


Your “Espacio Sin Nombre”


You will know how your mind creates reality, know what you want to create & how to get started BEing.



*Download a more detailed schedule of the Immersion from the pdf link below:

Here’s the Thing:


You can feel truly Well.


You deserve to feel healthy, fulfilled, and at peace. These aren’t unreasonable expectations,

but the commitment to the dream required a huge spend of the illusion of time and a complete willingness to surrender to unhindered and expertly guided exploration of your inner space. 

Your ideal self is already existing within you. 


We’ve provided a stress-free tip to toe agenda for optimal provision of Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Space for this small moment in time. This small moment to find forever keys for healing

and health is yours to have now.


YOU deserve Space to Sit and Discover Your Optimal Internal Path To Ideal Self

*Due to recent travel restrictions, we are currently rescheduling this immersion

©2020 by Espacio Sin Nombre

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